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Tired of misplacing your Keys? What about your Wallet, Glasses, Cell phone, or those pesky Remotes?

Introducing our Patented Find One Find All® Key Finders, or FOFA® (foh-fah) for short.
Once a FOFA Key Finder is attached to your keys and other easy-to-lose things, it can find and be found by all the rest!
Use your wallet to find your keys, your keys to find the remote control, or any of them to find an uncharged or muted cell phone.
The possibilities are endless!

Award winning technology. Stop looking for misplaced things! Lose the stress instead.

So how does FOFA work?
Which one is the "Base"?

Unlike other key finders, every FOFA is the "Base" also!
How? Each has a built-in transmitter which can signal any of the others, up to 30 feet away! Now you can find misplaced things even when away from home.
The Batteries (Included!) last a year of average use and are available everywhere.

End the Stress of Misplacing Things - Now!
Get yours while supplies last!


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